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"We pride in promoting and preserving the sustainable eco-friendly fishery Maldives. We strive to employ socially beneficial fishing methods for all of our range of products assuring the quality and standards. Fishery, the country’s second largest industry has become the source of income for the small islands and rural communities.

enriching community’s livelihood and sustainable fishery in Maldives.

Our Philosophy

Sustainability has been our prime objective as it has been for decades. Every fish is caught individually using pole and line, avoiding fishing by catch, assuring that no harm and unintentional fishing is done. Thus, sustainability is maintained in the course of fishing. This makes Maldives fish special unlike in major fishing nations. In fact, Maldivian law prohibits the use of purse seine nets.


We provide finest quality fishes for our customers where Maldives fishery is certified by MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). Our quality goes beyond meeting the standards certified by MSC as our vessels are carefully maintained and well equipped with most modern facilities.

We strictly follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) procedures when handling each and every fish. This ensures maintaining optimum temperature and professional cutting. The FDA-certified processing and packaging facility enable us to package our products to European standards approved by European Union.


We ensure our products are well packed prior to dispatch. The carefully selected fillets/loins are packed in clean Plastic bags and these are packed into fully insulated boxes with internal plastic liners and are kept in refrigeration until dispatch.

Air freighted shipments are tightly sealed with gel ice for further quality measures and transported with refrigerated vehicles to the port of dispatch.


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TUNA - bullet

Gilled and cleaned headless tuna packed in master card board boxes


WHOLE - tuna

Vacuum packed. Guts, blood meat, belly flaps removed


TUNA - loins

Individually vacuum packed and chilled loins packed in loin bags

"The carefully selected and precisely packed clean fresh packages are delivered to our customers. The quality constantly is checked and maintained from the very start to ensure that our every endeavor satisfies the quality required by the international standards."

We want to deliver fresh tuna from Maldives water to the world!

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